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At C.P.E. Filters, Inc. we offer solutions that include rugged, durably built pulse-cleaning collectors, shake-cleaning baghouses, cyclone collectors, bag dump stations, collector conversions, HEPA filtration systems, auxiliary components, material handling equipment, structural support legs, access packages, ductwork, rotary airlocks, screw conveyors and much more.

Like so many major companies have discovered, our dust and pollution control systems work... right from the start, and they keep on working. Why?

Our products and systems are designed, manufactured, installed and serviced as part of a close working relationship - a partnership - that we have with all our customers. We've provided quick, accurate response and quality products since 1972, so you know we have the commitment and the experience to stand behind what we design and build. And we do design and build; with all of our collectors coming from our own, quality controlled manufacturing facilities. We have design/application experience, field proven success in a wide range of collector sizes and types and the flexibility to customize a solution to fit your exact requirements and space limitations. Our designs have always been efficient and technically sound, with no corner-cutting, so once in service our collectors maintain optimum performance levels you can count on.

Rely on us at C.P.E. Filters, Inc. for maximum collection uptime, efficiency and dependability at your facility.

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